Help / FAQ

What is is a small project written by Red Imp to process data of the game Mechwarrior: Online (Copyright 2012-2019 Piranha Games Inc).

This website is written in python using Flask. The template is AdminLTE.

Lobby Stats

Where do I get the MatchID from?

After playing a lobby game, on the End of Round screen, hit this fancy button:

Publish Stats

Then the MatchID is copied to your clipboard and this windows appears:


Without this number, you can not get any stats out of the MWO api.

How to customize the fancy lobby stats template?

Login, open Settings and set an url to your personal css file.

I want to see always the last game that I uploaded

Login, open Settings use the url displayed under Last uploaded match url. This is valid even without login.

I'm a MWO Comp caster

Please contact me via email (or discord) and tell me your email address.

Where do you get the lobby data from?

The lobby data is fetch via the API of MWO, which was announced in the PATCH NOTES - 1.4.126 - 18-JUL-2017. The documentation of the api can be found next to your own api key:

Quickplay Leaderboard

Why another Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard on the MWO website lacks many features, the The Jarl's List provided by /u/Scurro, inspired me to write this Leaderboard, so that I can add easily the features I want.

Where do you get the leaderboard data from?

For the season 1 - 21 the data was provided by /u/kyborgi who publishs them as csv files here and announces the updates on OutReachHPG. As far as I know they are parsed out of the leaderboard on the website.

Since season 21 the data is fetched from the MWO Website using python and BeautifulSoup. If you are interested in the raw data, feel free to contact me.

How is the adjusted matchscore calculated?

The adjusted matchscore is weighted by the average matchscores per season and mech class, an additional weight is applied for players with less then average games for that season and mech class.

Let be $m_{i,c,s} \in \mathbb{R}$ the matchscore of player $i$ in the mech class $c$ of the season $s$, with the average matchscore $w_{c,s}$ of all players in mechclass $c$ and season $s$.

Let be $i$ a player, $c$ the mech class (light, medium, heavy, assault) and $s$ the season, $m_{i,c,s}$ the matchscore of player $i$ in mech class $c$ of season $s$. Analog $g_{i,c,s}$ the number of games per player, season and mech class.

Then the adjusted matchscore $a_{i,c,s}$ of player $i$ playing mech class $c$ in season $s$ is $$a_{i,c,s} = \frac{100 \cdot m_{i,c,s}}{w_{c,s}}$$

The overall matchscore of a season is scaled by the proportion of the played mech classes

$$a_{i,s} = \sum\limits_{c=\{l,m,h,a\}} \left( a_{i,c,s} \cdot \frac{g_{i,c,s}}{g_{i,s}} \right)$$

Note: The average player has a adjusted matchscore of 100.